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Dscientz-20F In-situ Ordinary Freeze Dryer

Short Description:

This series of freeze dryer is suitable for pilot-scale experiment and production. The equipment adopts PLC control, low-temperature silicone oil refrigerant, overlapping compressor set to make the temperature lower and control finer, which is used for pharmaceutical, herbal extract liquid, health care products, food and chemical production. Including common type and gland type. Wide mouth manifold can be configured.

Product Detail


  • Overall performance: Safe and efficient, environmentally friendly and clean
  • Heating system: Silicone oil medium, stable temperature rise curve
  • Control system: Intelligent control
  • Dual-chamber system: Anti-corrosion cold trap, supports pre-freezing
  • Vacuum system: Vacuum controllable, intelligent protection
  • Refrigeration system: Rapid cooling and clear visibility

Product Specification

  • Dryer area (m2): 0.21
  • Ability to capture water: 4Kg/batch
  • Plate size: L400mm * W270mm
  • Plate distance: 70mm
  • Plate quantity (pc): 2+1
  • Plate temperature range: -50~+70℃(no load)
  • Cold trap the Lowest temperature: ≤-80℃(no load)
  • Ultimate vacuum: ≤5Pa (no load)
  • Plate load capacity: 3L
  • Power (220V50Hz): 3.0KW
  • Overall dimension (mm): 750(L) * 640(W) * 1200(H)
  • Weight: 236Kg

Grandly launch Dscientz-20F in-situ ordinary freeze dryer, which is a cutting-edge equipment specially designed for pilot test and production. This series of freeze dryers has advanced functions and a wide range of uses, and is suitable for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbal medicine extracts, health care products, food, and chemical production.

One of the outstanding features of this freeze dryer is its overall performance. It is designed to be safe and efficient, emphasizing environmental friendliness and cleanliness. The unit operates with a low-temperature silicone oil refrigerant and overlapped compressor trains, which help lower temperatures and provide more precise control.

The heating system adopts silicone oil medium, and the heating curve is stable. Furthermore, the system is intelligently controlled, providing users with complete control over the entire freeze-drying process. This freeze dryer dual-chamber system includes a corrosion-resistant cold trap that supports pre-freezing to help ensure the safety of the material being dried.

Another main feature of the Dscientz-20F In-Situ Ordinary Freeze Dryer is its vacuum system. The system is controllable and intelligently protected to ensure seamless operation and avoid equipment damage. Finally, the refrigeration system of this freeze dryer is designed for rapid cooling and is clearly visible for easy monitoring and operation.

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