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DTY Multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine(NEW!)(Four frequencies)

Short Description:

Product Detail

Patent Number: ZL200920114749.3 CE

Main Features

Background light LCD screen

Microcomputer memory setting parameters

The ultrasonic working time set up independently

0-99minutes adjustable

Multi-frequency conversion: 33KHz40KHz59KHz80KHz

Display working countdown time

Display actual temperature of the cleaning tank

Temperature setting range: Ambient Temperature-80

Timing range: 0-999 minutes adjustable

Equipped with a special stainless steel basket, reduction sound cover

The shell and cover are made of stainless steel

The equipment controlled by single-chip controller

With Drainage function

Main Technical Parameters:




Inner tank

volume Frequency Ultrasonic power Heating power  




mm)L/W/H L KHZ W W
SB-300DTY 300240150 10 33




300 800
SB-400DTY 300240200 15 400 800
SB-500DTY 500300150 22.5 500 1000
SB-600DTY 500300200 30 720 1000
SB-1000DTY 600300300 54 1000 4000
SB-1200DTY 600400300 72 1200 5000

Notice: After heating the heating function of the ultrasonic cleaner, after heating the temperature, the actual display temperature is 2-8 OC for thermostatic ultrasonic, optional ultrasonic thermostatic ultrasonic cleaner.

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