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SCIENTZ-207A High-pressure homogenizer

  • DSCIENTZ-207A High pressure homogenizer

    DSCIENTZ-207A High pressure homogenizer

    DScientz-207A EHV Homogenizer Uses the high-pressure energy generated by the servo motor power to release the material instantaneously through the slits to break, homogenize and emulsify the material under the action of high shear, cavitation and collision effects , Decentralized effect, and maintain a constant pressure working condition. Material particle size can be uniformly refined to 100nm or less, the fragmentation rate of more than 95%, can be used for fat emulsion, liposomes, cosmetics, lipid nanoparticles, nano suspension, fermenter sample processing, and bioengineering laboratory, medicine Plant and other large-scale processing of E. coli, yeast and other samples of the broken, biological engineering and bio-pharmaceutical industries such as R & D and production of standard equipment can also be used for dairy products, food and beverage, fruit juice, pharmaceuticals, biological and other industries for emulsification, Homogenization treatment. The machine has a built-in cooling circulation system, which directly cools the homogenized head. All materials contacting the material pipe are 316L stainless steel. And the optional homogeneous valve, the product has the pressure, small size, light weight, easy to operate, intuitive display, high efficiency, a large sample size and so on. Has applied for invention patents and utility model patents.