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Short Description:

Automatic snowflake ice machine is to go to the new generation of snowflake ice machine. According to the requirements of the industry with ice, the use of high-efficiency fluorine-free imported compressor, mechanical rotary extrusion type of ice production, computer-controlled automatic ice production, the type of ice produced for the irregular fine particles of snowflake crushed ice.

Product Detail


Using high-quality stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable.
Using imports of CFC-free compressor, freon-free foam insulation box, good thermal insulation effect, energy-savingenvironmental protection.
lmported motor, computer chip, all process controlled by computer, with full ofice, water shorta ges, cold protection.reliable control, low noise, smooth operation, large quantities of ice, small and practical ice-shape, automatic ice-water separation.
Fast ice production:5 minutes to produce ice quickly, with small crushed ice particles and low water content.
Environmental protection and energy saving: lmported compressors are used, which are environmentally friendly, fast in cooling and long in life.
Fault selfdiagnosis: one-button start, fault self-diagnosis.
Humanized design: originalwater purifier, pure ice making and anti-dirt.
Automatic drainage: bid farewell to the trouble of no floor drain and realize high-level drainage.
Capacity upgrade: truly large-capacity ice storage to meet various needs.

Working Principle

The incoming water is filtered and then passes through the spiral evaporator, and evaporates and absorbs heat and vaporises at a low temperature of -18°C in the evaporator, so that the water rapidly condenses into ice, and then the ice blade in the evaporator is driven to rotate by the gear reducer, and then the ice blade is transported to the ice outlet through the rotating and squeezing action, and then it falls down to the ice storage tank under the action of gravity freely.


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Main Technical Parameters


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