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    On the principle of grinding mechanism, the system is designed to homogenize the animal and plant tissue in a soft manner,so as to get the cytoplasm and mitochondria for experiment. Applicable to biology, pharmacy, agriculture and other areas. It has the characteristics of a low speed, high torque, no noise etc.

  • Dscientz-04 /Dscientz-09/Dscientz-11L Laboratory Paddle Blenders

    Dscientz-04 /Dscientz-09/Dscientz-11L Laboratory Paddle Blenders

    Germfree Homogenizer,also known as flap homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization treatment for animal tissue and biological samples, also used for the following testing areas: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clinics molecule, toxin and bacteria,particularly suitable for preparation of micro-organism testing samples. The device is made

    of stainless steel and can effectively separate the surface of solid sample from a sample with germs inside. The samples are packed in germfree disposable homogenization bags, and thus is in no contact with any parts of the instrument. It has such feature as soft homogenization,no pollution, no damage, no temperature-rise, no sterilizing treatment, no need to wash the utensils. so as to meet the requirements for being fast, accurate and repeatable. This product is also suitable for homogenizing tumor tissues (such as liver, intestines cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer) not only can to obtain large numbers of single cells (2×105 within 2 minutes) but also crush tissues cells (such as liver cells) more gently.



    ADJUSTABLE :Speed 2800-28000 r/min, infinitely variable speed-regulated

    FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE:Adjustable tool table distance for improved sampling convenience

    SETTING MEMORY :parameter settings can beautomatically remembered, quick access, easy to view changes;

  • High Throughput Grinder Model DScientz-48L/48/192/24/12

    High Throughput Grinder Model DScientz-48L/48/192/24/12

    The DSCIENTZ series of high-throughput tissue grinders launched by Xinzhi Biotech is a new generation of fast, efficient and safe grinding systems. Supports effects on tissues/organs including soil, plants and animals, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, spores Extraction and purification of original DNA, RNA and protein from seeds, paleontological specimens, etc. Supports dry grinding, wet grinding and mixed grinding and homogenization. It can effectively improve the grinding efficiency and quality, reduce labor costs, reduce With less manual operation error, it is the best choice for laboratories to replace manual grinding.

  • S10 Portable High-speed Disperser

    S10 Portable High-speed Disperser

    • Hand-held design, flexible operation, light weight (1Kg).
    • Infinitely adjustable speeds up to 35,000rpm;
    • Double protection insulation, give you safety and security;
    • The cutter head is easy to load and unload and easy to clean;
    • Approximately 4 times more efficient than ordinary mixers.


  • Lab Blender

    Lab Blender

    Sterile homogenizer is also called flapping homogenizer or stomacher blender, widely used in homogenization treatment for animal tissue, biological samples, etc.

    It plays an important part in food, medicine, cosmetics, clinical molecular, toxin and bacteria test, especially in microorganism testing sample preparation.

  • High-Speed Dispersator

    High-Speed Dispersator

    XHF-DY high-speed disperser can be used in many laboratories of medical, biological engineering, cell, food industry, cosmetic manufacturing, etc. It can achieve homogenization and mixing effect on both animal and plant tissues. At different speeds, it can break different cell membranes. It is used for high efficiency dispersion between two immiscible liquid phases, emulsification and extraction. After high speed dispersion, the sample processing time can be greatly reduced. Thus, the efficiency is increased. At the lowest speed, it can be used as a stirrer.

  • HS-3   Vertical Mixer

    HS-3 Vertical Mixer

    The vertical mixer can provide efficient and mild mixing, and keep biological samples in suspension, such as blood mixing. It is suitable for blood coagulation prevention, latex diagnostics, immunoprecipitation and other similar applications.

  • TD-20   Tray Mixer

    TD-20 Tray Mixer

    The 3D Tray Mixer is a mixing instrument with three-dimensional movement, which has gentle motion and won’t produce air bubbles, for blood collection tubes and centrifuge tubes . It is ideal for small sample doses. The mixer’s convex pad holds tubes securely in place. The number of tubes that can be held includes: 60 * 1.5ml, 30 * 3ml, 21 * 7ml, 17 * 15ml, and can be used in the freezer.

  • S15 Portable High-speed Disperser

    S15 Portable High-speed Disperser

    S15 model portable high-speed disperser (alias: tissue-pounding machine, homogenizer), is suited to liquid mixing, emulsion, homogenization dispersion of solid powder in a liquid, animal tissue crushing and homogenization. The machine is designed to bring about a strong hydrodynamic shear effect by means of high-speed shear force and speedy dispersion so that the material inhaled from the rotor bottom can spray through the rotor. The extruded shapes suits ergonomics. It is easy to move and operate. As minimum processing capacity can be 1ml, it is solely used for mashing organization, medical diagnostics, quality supervision, micro-dispersion, emulsification and homogenization. The device is ideal for micro-sample pretreatment.

  • HD-2500   Multi-tube Vortex Mixer

    HD-2500 Multi-tube Vortex Mixer

    The HD-2500 multi-tube vortex mixer can mix up to 100 samples at a time. A wide range of accessories are available to meet the needs of vortex mixing for different tube sizes.

  • BX-100   Mini Blender

    BX-100 Mini Blender

    Mini blender is used in life science and physicochemical analysis for shaking, mixing and stirring of sample tissues, cells, bacterial fluids, chemical reagents, etc. A variety of adapters are available for 0.2-50 ml microtubes and test tubes or small containers less than 108 mm in diameter.

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