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Thermostatic Dry Bath Incubator

  • Mini Dry Bath Incubator

    Mini Dry Bath Incubator

    Mini Dry Bath Incubator is controlled by PID, applied to vehicle power supply due to small palm-size and light weight. Widely used in rapid inspection kit or small labs.

    Display with instant temperature and decreasing time.

    9 groups of 3 program design, each paragraph program can be independently turned on or off.

    Extremely small, only the size of the palm of an average person’s hand. Light weight, less than 1 kg.

    12V DC power input DC 12V, can be applied to vehicle mobile laboratory.

    Unique temperature control technology and temperature deviation calibration function.

    Automatic failure detection with buzzer alarm;built-in over temperature protect device.

    Convenient module replacement for easy cleaning and disinfection.