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Microbial Growth Curve Analyzer

  • Microbial Production Curve Analyzer MGC-200

    Microbial Production Curve Analyzer MGC-200

    The Microbial Growth Curve Analyzer is a fully automated instrument that can understand the growth of microorganisms by measuring the turbidity of the sample. This product can be used in the research of microbial strains, optimization of culture conditions, high-throughput screening and evaluation of drugs and other fields. All microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, cells, and algae) that reproduce in culture produce turbidity. Any turbidity and color changes in the traditional test tube test can be done with the “micro test tube” in the honeycomb panel. The automatic growth curve analyzer can make the work more efficient, and can save a lot of culture medium and consumables (petri dishes and test tubes, etc.). The long-term culture of microorganisms is realized through high-precision control and high-speed shaking of the microwell plate. The integrated pulse xenon lamp and spectrometer realize full-band detection and analysis. The advanced denoising algorithm can provide more accurate microbial growth curves.