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Drug Testing Instruments

Ningbo Scientz Pharmaceutical Inspection Technology Co.,Ltd.is a subsidiary of Scientz,which is specialised in the research and development,production and technical service of pharmaceutical inspection instruments.With the aim of making drug testing simpler and more efficient,we focuses on the research and development of drug testing products such as dissolution tester,disintegration instrument,degassing instrument,hardness instrument,fragility instrument,etc.We are constantly upgrading our instrument products to meet the needs of our customers,providing a wide range of configurations and solutions,which have been recognised by our customers.

  • THT-1350 Tablet Hardness Tester

    THT-1350 Tablet Hardness Tester

    Tablet hardness testers are instruments for detecting breaking hardness of tablets.

    Applicable standards: Corporate standard (Tablet hardness tester)Q/12XQ0186-2010

  • RTD-2010 Real-Time Constant Temperature Degasser

    RTD-2010 Real-Time Constant Temperature Degasser

    Features • Comply with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standard for the preparation of dissolution media • Record function: Logging, with audit trail function • Human-machine interaction: color page touch screen, clear parameters at a glance, fast and convenient operation • Hydraulic detection: Equipped with hydraulic detection, self-priming and external pressure can be automatically switched • High efficiency: Heating, vacuum and circulation are combined to make degassing more thorough and rapid •...
  • ZBJ01 Intelligent Disintegration

    ZBJ01 Intelligent Disintegration

    ZBJ01 intelligent disintegration instrument is a new type of instrument designed in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The detection of the disintegration time limit of 3 cups and 18 samples can be achieved.

  • CSD01 Fragility Tester

    CSD01 Fragility Tester

    It is used for detecting friability/abrasion of tablet.

  • MDS-2014 Dissolution Sampling System

    MDS-2014 Dissolution Sampling System

    Fully complies with the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and the United States Pharmacopoeia.

    Swing amplitude of stirring paddle: ≤0.5 mm.

    Dissolution rotation speed: 10~300RPM, rotation speed accuracy: ±0.5RPM, rotation speed resolution 0.1 rpm.

  • Dscientz-S Production Freeze Dryer

    Dscientz-S Production Freeze Dryer

    DSCIENTZ-S production-type freeze dryer adopts a true color touch screen + PLC + PID as the control core. The instrument has the advantages of stable, reliable and convenient control system.

    In addition, dozens of freeze-drying curve options are built-in, each of which includes 40 levels of temperature control and settings for refrigeration compressor, vacuum pump start-up protection and other measures to extend the service life of the equipment. Ideal for large-scale freeze-drying of bulk (liquid, paste, solid) substances.

  • MDS-2008S Drug dissolution sampling system

    MDS-2008S Drug dissolution sampling system

    • Total Weight: ≈53Kg
    • Operating temperature: (10~30) ℃
    • Storage temperature: -20~60) ℃