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RTD-2010 Real-Time Constant Temperature Degasser

Short Description:

Product Detail


• Comply with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standard for the preparation of dissolution media

• Record function: Logging, with audit trail function

• Human-machine interaction: color page touch screen, clear parameters at a glance, fast and convenient operation

• Hydraulic detection: Equipped with hydraulic detection, self-priming and external pressure can be automatically switched

• High efficiency: Heating, vacuum and circulation are combined to make degassing more thorough and rapid

• High precision: Automatic completion of quantitative liquid feeding, preheating, degassing and quantitative liquid discharge, single discharge accuracy up to ±1%

• Wide range of applications: It can directly handle dissolution experiments of solvent, pure water, distilled water, etc., with higher efficiency than traditional methods

Main Technical Parameters

Item RTD-2010 Real-Time Constant Temperature Degasser
Technical data Heating range:RT-45.0℃ (The maximum heating temperature difference is 15°C)
Temp. resolution:0.1℃
Temp. control accuracy:±2℃
Flow resolution :0.1mL
Flow control accuracy:±1%
Removal effect:effectively reduce the oxygen content of the solvent to meet the dissolution requirements
Degassing rate :1000mL/Min
Vacuum degree :≤-90KPa
Target oxygen content :≤2.8mh/L
Logging function with audit trail
Input power AC220V±10% 1700W
Overall size 260x530x560mm
Weight 23Kg
EMC IEC6100-4-2,IEC6100-4-4,IEC6100-4-5,IEC6100-4-11
Working Temp. (5~40) ℃
Storage Temp. (-20~60) ℃
Working humidity (20~80)% RH
Storage humidity (5~95)% RH

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