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Low-Temperature Dry Bath Incubator

  • Low Temperature Cooling Machine

    Low Temperature Cooling Machine

    DLK series rapid temperature cycle pump, is no shrinkage mechanism of low temperature cold ring liquid circulation equipment. It has the cryogenic liquid; low temperature water bath water provides the role. Combining rotating evaporator, vacuum freezing drying oven, recycling water type vacuum pump, UV spectrophotometer etc. instrument constant temperature, the temperature of the chemical reaction multi-function homework and drug store.

  • Portable Refrigeration Module  MCP-100

    Portable Refrigeration Module MCP-100

    With semiconductor refrigeration technology, the temperature control accuracy is high. It can be widely used for short-term preservation of low-temperature experimental reagents or experimental samples in the course of experimental operation. This instrument can replace laboratory refrigerators, ice boxes, ice bags, etc., reduce pollution, and is clean and sanitary. It is a common experimental instrument for molecular biology laboratories.