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Low Temperature Cooling Machine

Short Description:

DLK series rapid temperature cycle pump, is no shrinkage mechanism of low temperature cold ring liquid circulation equipment. It has the cryogenic liquid; low temperature water bath water provides the role. Combining rotating evaporator, vacuum freezing drying oven, recycling water type vacuum pump, UV spectrophotometer etc. instrument constant temperature, the temperature of the chemical reaction multi-function homework and drug store.

Product Detail


Storage: 32-segment programming, multi-time period setting, time saving and easy to use
Programming: Computer intelligent control, can edit the temperature / time curve
Totally enclosed imported compressor, refrigeration system noise is small
The system adopts the international advanced fluorine-free environmental protection refrigeration technology
Temperature fluctuation of 0.1℃
Working time timing function, stop working after the end
The parameters remain unchanged after power down, and the instrument starts working by default when power is applied
Refrigeration compressor with automatic protection function such as overheating and overload

Technical Parameters


Temperature Range (℃)

Temperature Volatility (℃)

Volume (L)



Pump pressure

Power range

DLK series







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