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Gene Gun

  • GJ-1000 High-Pressure Gas Gene Gun

    GJ-1000 High-Pressure Gas Gene Gun

    Gene gun technology (particle bombardment) is a kind of all-new gene-delivery technology, it will be the size of a micron, gold or a nucleic acid of tungsten particles accelerated to the required speed, thus genes into the cells, tissues or organs. Get instant stability and high efficient expression, transformation. Has the characteristics of rapid, simple, safe and efficient.

  • Sj-500 Portable Gene Gun

    Sj-500 Portable Gene Gun

    A portable gene gun is a convenient portable piece of equipment, that can be fast-direct in situ for cell gene transfer. The system through the helium pressure adjustable, drives in a small plastic tube wall package that has DNA, RNA, or other biological materials of gold particles, directly into the cell, making transgenic work more flexible in terms of operation, and simplicity.