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Scientz bio's wide range of applications in life science laboratories is due to strong innovation and close collaboration with scientists around the world.Scientz's Mission is Coloring life sciences,every minute of our company!
Scientz brings a team of scientists and products to help you find out more about your biological research,whether it's for DNA vaccine research and applications,electrotransformation of bacteria,yeasts and microorganisms,or sterile,ultra-micro breakage of chromosomes.



    Used for sterility, can be crushed in a small amount, and can break chromosomes through centrifuge tubes.

    The ultrasonic DNA breaker breaks, homogenizes and mixes the sample in an isothermal and non-contact way. It is used for aseptic and ultra-micro-breaking, and can break chromosomes through a centrifuge tube.

    Tailor-made for the pretreatment of next-generation sequencing DNA samples and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments. For laboratories that process multiple samples or valuable samples every day.

    It has the advantages of high throughput, low sample loss, and no cross-contamination. Gradually becoming an indispensable standardized tool for ChIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation) and DNA shearing research platforms.

  • GJ-1000 High-Pressure Gas Gene Gun

    GJ-1000 High-Pressure Gas Gene Gun

    Gene gun technology (particle bombardment) is a kind of all-new gene-delivery technology, it will be the size of a micron, gold or a nucleic acid of tungsten particles accelerated to the required speed, thus genes into the cells, tissues or organs. Get instant stability and high efficient expression, transformation. Has the characteristics of rapid, simple, safe and efficient.

  • Sj-500 Portable Gene Gun

    Sj-500 Portable Gene Gun

    A portable gene gun is a convenient portable piece of equipment, that can be fast-direct in situ for cell gene transfer. The system through the helium pressure adjustable, drives in a small plastic tube wall package that has DNA, RNA, or other biological materials of gold particles, directly into the cell, making transgenic work more flexible in terms of operation, and simplicity.

  • MPB4-1000 Parallel Bioreactor

    MPB4-1000 Parallel Bioreactor

    Parallel bioreactors can help experimenters efficiently evaluate the influence of different culture strains and process parameters, quickly determine the optimal process parameters, and guide the subsequent industrial scale-up process. It can be applied to fermentation process optimization, high-throughput strain screening, medium screening and evaluation etc.

  • Microbial Production Curve Analyzer MGC-200

    Microbial Production Curve Analyzer MGC-200

    The Microbial Growth Curve Analyzer is a fully automated instrument that can understand the growth of microorganisms by measuring the turbidity of the sample. This product can be used in the research of microbial strains, optimization of culture conditions, high-throughput screening and evaluation of drugs and other fields. All microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, cells, and algae) that reproduce in culture produce turbidity. Any turbidity and color changes in the traditional test tube test can be done with the “micro test tube” in the honeycomb panel. The automatic growth curve analyzer can make the work more efficient, and can save a lot of culture medium and consumables (petri dishes and test tubes, etc.). The long-term culture of microorganisms is realized through high-precision control and high-speed shaking of the microwell plate. The integrated pulse xenon lamp and spectrometer realize full-band detection and analysis. The advanced denoising algorithm can provide more accurate microbial growth curves.

  • China Ultrasonic Cleaner with High Efficiency and Low Noise Manufacturer and Supplier | Dscientz

    China Ultrasonic Cleaner with High Efficiency and Low Noise Manufacturer and Supplier | Dscientz

    Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to apply a cavitation effect produced in the cleaning liquid by means of ultrasonic waves. It can accelerate dissolution and decomposition of dirty and grease from parts being cleaned and has a perfect cleaning effect on blind hole and interior holes of the container. Being fast in cleaning and efficiency, unbreakable on the surface and reducible in labour intensity, it has wide applications in cleaning precision machinery parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, valve, brake, bearings, bearing scrapers, oil nozzle, oil pump, carburetor, fuel injectors and other electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductor silica wafers, plating, optical lenses, audio heads, polyester filter, chemical fiber spinning nozzle, spinning plates, etc., including laboratories, and other various industries cleaning. There are machines with different functions such as temperature-increasing, power-adjustment, dual-frequency, high-frequency (59K, low noise and suitable for precision cleaning), swept-frequency for users to choose from.

    On the basis of the international standards IEC60886.61102.61161, the company manufactures series of intelligently automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines and airing cleaning machines, including the following types (desktop type, input type, split, single-slot, dual-slot, multi-slot) All major and key parts are imported, thus making the circuit more excellent, work more reliable, efficiency greater, noise much lower and cleaning more effective.