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S10 Portable High-speed Disperser

Short Description:

  • Hand-held design, flexible operation, light weight (1Kg).
  • Infinitely adjustable speeds up to 35,000rpm;
  • Double protection insulation, give you safety and security;
  • The cutter head is easy to load and unload and easy to clean;
  • Approximately 4 times more efficient than ordinary mixers.


Product Detail


  • S10 portable high-speed homogeniser (also known as: masher, disperser) is a combination of dexterity, convenience and high expandability as one of the products, the whole machine modular structure, easy to operate, can be operated for a long time, easily meet a variety of high demand for dispersing emulsification experiments.It can easily meet a variety of high requirements of dispersing and emulsifying experiments. Different working heads can be selected to complete a variety of different processes, including dispersing, emulsifying, homogenising, grinding, mixing, dispersing, homogenising of high viscosity materials, crushing and homogenising of animal and plant tissues, and so on.

Technical Parameters

  • Model: S10
  • Power Supply: 220V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 160W
  • Speed: 8000-35000rpm/min
  • Display: LCD
  • Speed mode :28 speed control
  • Processing Volume: 1ml-120ml
  • Accessories: 10mm
  • Total Weight: 1kg
  • Optional accessories: Working Platform, Container Clamp, Replaceable Cutter(6mm, 8mm)





Working Principle

S10 portable high-speed disperser generates powerful hydraulic shear effect through high-speed shearing and dispersing, so that the material is sucked in from the lower end of the rotor and sprayed out through the stator, thus homogenising and dispersing the sample.


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