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Identification and application of thermostatic bath


1, the meaning of the bath
As the name implies, a thermostat is a tank that provides a constant temperature. It can be divided into a constant temperature air (commonly referred to as an incubator) and a constant temperature liquid (commonly referred to as a constant temperature bath). Due to the different temperature range of the constant temperature liquid, it is divided into a low temperature thermostat (generally -40 ° C ~ 100 ° C, see the following figure), super constant temperature tank (generally room temperature ~ 300 ° C, see above). Moreover, since the liquid medium above 100 ° C cannot use water, it is often called oil tank.

2, thermostatic bath identification
First of all, see if the material of the cryostat housing and the pump used are guaranteed; secondly, consider the safety factor;
The constant temperature of the cryostat is its main function;
There is also a good low temperature thermostat should look very delicate, the appearance is also an important criterion for judging the quality of the constant temperature water tank.

3, refrigeration thermostat application
Refrigeration constant temperature water tanks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medical and health, life sciences, light industrial food, physical property testing and chemical analysis research departments, universities, enterprise quality inspection and production departments. Provides a hot and cold controlled, uniform temperature field source for the user's work, constant temperature test or test of the test sample or product, or as a heat source or cold source for direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.


Post time: Mar-23-2023