News - The groundbreaking ceremony for theifeScience InstrumentIndustrialization Project” of Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology was held.


The groundbreaking ceremony for theifeScience InstrumentIndustrialization Project” of Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology was held.

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September 6, 2023 - The groundbreaking ceremony for the "Life Science Instrument Industrialization Project" of Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology was held.

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Since its inception, Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology has been dedicated to promoting the development of human health and leading the revival of the national life science instrument industry. The commencement of this project signifies a new chapter for Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology, as it ventures towards a future characterized by modernization, standardization, and scientific advancement.

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The project aims to construct one office building and one production workshop, with a total floor area of 48,000 square meters. It is scheduled for completion and official operation in 2026. The objective is to seize the booming development of the life science industry and the market opportunities for domestic substitution of scientific instruments. This will elevate the company's research and development capabilities, enrich its product portfolio, strengthen marketing and service capabilities, enhance core competitiveness, and support the faster, higher, and better development of the company.

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With over three decades of perseverance, Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology has always been committed to adding color to the development of China's life science industry. It has deepened its roots in life science instrument field, created exceptional products and technologies, and aspires to become a world-class brand in life science instruments, leading the revival of the national scientific instrument industry, and making significant contributions to human health.

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 Chairwoman Zhou Fang warmly welcomed the presence of leaders and guests and expressed sincere gratitude to all sectors of society who care about and support Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology. She stated, "We will take this as a new starting point to create brilliance, always adhere to industry norms, operate with integrity and compliance, and provide the best products to repay society. With outstanding achievements, we will repay your kindness and make greater contributions to the economic development of the high-tech zone." In Chairwoman Zhou Fang's speech, one could perceive the momentum of Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology as it strides confidently towards a broader and more magnificent chapter of development.


With the groundbreaking signal from Chairwoman Zhou Fang, the leaders jointly wielded golden shovels, raised soil, and unveiled the prelude to Dscientz(Scientz) Biotechnology's "Life Science Instrument Industrialization Project," sowing new hope for a reinvigorated cultivation and a new beginning.

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Post time: Sep-15-2023