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Dscientz-10N/A Ordinary Freeze Dryer

Short Description:

N series freeze-drying machine is compact and has the flexibility of large-scale freeze dryer. It is small in space and can handle more flexible samples, which is cost-effective. Suitable for small laboratory, and can choose a variety of configurations:

Common type: suitable for bulk materials, liquid and solid dry

Gland type: suitable for vial bottled material drying, can achieve sample vacuum pressure package. Contains general type of use function.

Ordinary multi-manifold type: suitable for a variety of different materials, small freeze-dried, and can be linked to freeze-dried bottles, eggplant bottles, jars.

Grip multi-manifold type: Contains the function of ordinary multi-manifold type, can achieve the sample vacuum pressure package, to meet the vast majority of the laboratory technical requirements.

T-frame: for fungal ampoule tube package.

Product Detail


  • The machine uses international brands Danfoss compressor refrigeration, refrigeration quickly, cold trap temperature is low.
  • 7-inch true color touch LCD screen control system, easy to operate, and powerful.
  • Industrial embedded operating system, ARM9 core control circuit design, 32M memory 128M FLASH, the operation response speed, large amount of stored data.
  • The control system automatically saves the freeze-dried data, and can be real-time curve and historical curve in the form of view, the entire freeze-drying process clear.
  • Drying room with a colorless transparent injection molding polycarbonate drying trap, corrosion-resistant, non-friable, non-adhesive,
  • high transparency, strong sealing, the sample is clear and intuitive, can observe the freeze-drying of the whole product.
  • Vacuum pump and host connection using international standard KF quick connector, simple and reliable.
  • The machine can store multiple freeze-drying curve, and use U disk to extract data to the computer, with the host computer software in the computer to browse print and a variety of options.
  • Equipped with inflatable valve, can be filled with dry inert gas.


  • Ability to capture water (Kg/batch):3Kg
  • Cold trap the lowest temperature (°C):-56℃
  • Cold chamber size (mm): Φ250 * 150
  • Ultimate vacuum (Pa):≤5 (No load)
  • Overall dimension (mm):590(L) * 460(W) * 450(H)+440
  • Power Kw (220V50Hz):0.95kw
  • Plate load capacity:1.5L
  • Plate size (pc):4
  • Plate size:Φ200mm
  • Plate distance:70mm
  • Heating function:No
  • Weight:55Kg

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